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Help Knowledge Base is a Service Provider and / or General Distributor of Long Distance services and Phone cards. We work with Premium Telephone Service Providers and strive to offer you the best services on market with lowest rates.

If you encounter difficulties placing a call please contact Customer Service of Card's Provider. Service information and calling instructions you receive by email when making purchase.

Call quality to different destinations may vary. If you are not 100% satisfied with selected card we recommend you to try another card from different Service Provider.

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COMFIA2B Mobile APP, Continental, Golden Lotus, Hello from UK, Jupiter, Mariachi, Royal Call, Saturn, Simply
IDTEl Toro, Everest, Mozart, Sahara, Tigris
NTCBizon, Cardinal, Champion, Cheap Call, CheapStreet, FastWorld, Lucky Minutes, Master Cent, Partner, Solaris Customer Service is also available to assist you at any time.
We appreciate your opinion regarding connection quality and service.

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